Leisureland (2002)

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Before Autoleisureland there was Leisureland.

Not that the two cannot co-exist simultaneously.

In 2001/2002 David Brewis and Dean Newsome (co-writer of "In The Sunshine") embarked on a project to make an album that had no songs or even pre-determined tunes. Just the "good" bits. It was to be done with a minimum of planning and equipment. But lots of feel. The main requirement was a computer, a sampler, some "E-Jay" sample discs from PC World and whatever was lying around. This included a Mercury 7 Astronaut LP and a Yuri Gagarin 7" single, both from the early 1960s. Sorted.

The album "Slingshot" on original CD pressing 2002.

Released to some rave reviews at the time, the album can be summed up by saying it is electronic but organic (featuring Dean's vocal and David's guitars) and influences range from Prog Rock, Trip Hop, Experimental, Funk, Soundtrack and Jazz.

With Astronauts.

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As an extra limited offer, a previously unavailable promo CD album from 2008 is being given with the Slingshot album. This one is called "Duplex".

Duplex is a self-contained album project incorporating the above influences with a touch of Rock and Reggae. And African adventures from a long-lost 1930s radio serial (largely, if not entirely, ficticous, bizarre and exotic).

Check out the video above for "Wild Is The Wind" from the Duplex album (not available in certain territories).

A small number of promo copies of "Duplex" were manufactured as a showreel for soundtrack work we were being offered, but it was never released commercially. We are giving remaining promo copies of "Duplex" with copies of Leisureland's "Slingshot" purchased from this site until the box is empty.

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