This One Goes Out To All The DJ's!!

And Magazine Reviewers!!

I should at this point thank all of the radio DJs who have been, let's say, instrumental, in getting this music out over the digital airwaves to whomever is listening; a miracle of modern science and resilience. So, erm, THANKS!

Mentioning no names specifically, but not excluding;

Oliver Rogers of Chelmsford Community Radio

Hear the interview with Oliver here, it starts about 30 minutes into the programme 

Billy Sloan of BBC Radio Scotland

Chris Donald of BBC Radio Newcastle

Dave Campbell of The Bay

Sarah Lewis of My 80s

Sheila Vanloo of Cornwall Sound Lounge St Austell Bay

Nick Roberts of BBC Introducing

(Your medals will be in the post sooner or later)

Remember, all radio needs support from listeners, whether or not it is a commercial station. This is important to all of us. Get Involved!

Here is a Canadian review from Penguin Eggs Magazine, courtesy of Tim Readman;

David Brewis



In the 1980s many of us grooved to the Blue Eyed Soul music of the Kane Gang. That band’s founder member and multi-instrumentalist, David Brewis, also worked with pop-folk sensations Prefab Sprout as co-producer and session musician.  After that we didn’t hear much of the County Durham born musician, (leaving aside his live work with the likes of Ben E. King) until the recent release of his first solo album. AutoLeisureLand is a collection of guitar-led instrumentals - 'Nouveau Hank Marvin' was my first thought! I can hear some Steely Dan and Joe Pass and Mark Knopfler and Steve Cropper … well the list goes on. But that doesn’t mean the music is derivative. Quite the reverse - this is as fresh a collection as you could wish for. It is soul, jazz and R&B guitar music played with great restraint, taste and a very large touch of class.

A Big Thanks!