AutoLeisureLand is a twelve-track album of soul, jazz and R&B guitar music.

The Music;

Is all original, all instrumental, and comes from a million places, some related to mid '70s soul, some not, some cool, some hot. The common denominator is electric guitar, bass guitar and drums. That's the setup used on every track.

Track Listing;

In The Sunshine

Last Summer

El Gato

The Loneliest Town In The World

If I Knew What It Was I Was Looking For

Another Star Is Falling

Simple Things Get Complicated

Infinity Drive Blues

No Matter How Far

Soul Walking

5th Avenue

When Your Dream Is Broken

The Title;

It is named after the 1970s proto-retail park in Sunderland's Pallion, where old leaky warehouses were filled with old leaky cars (occasionally some American) and deleted Soul LPs, and where you could get a cup of hot tea and a hot dog on a Sunday, as well as a can of Castrol GTX, seat covers, and a Marvin Gaye album.

It was a bold stab at American-style car culture, approximated from thousands of miles away, via television and film. It was an exciting and new place to visit. The people who were there will remember how good it was (and the smell of petrol).

The album is NOT "about" this place, but it is a good starting point for triggering the moods associated with music, cars, driving and hot (or, at least, warm) weather.

The Art;

The fabulous cover painting is by Mike Clay, who has captured the AutoLeisureLand mood perfectly.  

The rear portrait photo is by Pete Zulu.

The photo of David at Butlins Filey in 1961 was kindly supplied by Ian Stephenson (who is in the passenger seat).

Tech stuff;

AutoLeisureLand was recorded using Logic X and an RME Babyface on an iMac. Very un-1975.

Guitar Head stuff;

The main guitar used on most of the album was a Collings i35. Other guitars used here and there were by Collings, Gibson, Jesselli, Hagstrom, and Fender. They probably all sound the same.

Fender basses did all of the lowdown stuff.

Everything was plugged directly into the RME Babyface box and then run through Logic's virtual amps.


All tracks written, arranged & played, and drums programmed, by David Brewis. (except “In The Sunshine” written by Brewis/Newsome). That's Dean Newsome, folks. We were a duo in the 2000's, named Leisureland.

Recorded mixed and produced by David Brewis.

Mastered by Nick Watson at Fluid Mastering

Here are some images of the CD, which is manufactured as a mini vinyl LP-lookalike (it is a CD, and won't play on your record player!).

A real vinyl LP may follow, all being well.