Autoleisureland is a new project by David Brewis and Paul Woods, two founding members of  successful and highly-acclaimed British 80s soulful pop band The Kane Gang.

Woods and Brewis were part of the trio, also featuring friend Martin Brammer, which notched several British and European hits, including Closest Thing To Heaven, Respect Yourself and Gun Law, also scoring a US Top 40 pop hit with Motortown,  and a US dance No 1 with Don’t Look Any Further in the late 80s.

Vocalist Paul and multi-instrumentalist David teamed up a few years ago and quickly started amassing new material.

Autoleisureland continue the Kane Gang’s soulful vibe but also incorporate fizzy electropop sounds and a breezy, chilled West Coast feel.

Now the duo have released their debut album, Infiniti Drive, and are recording their next album, with a new single in the pipeline.

Welcome to Autoleisureland. We hope you enjoy the ride.